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Date: Tue, 18 Jun 2002 17:53:33 EDT
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> I'm looking for inexpensive crossover brackets or crossover ubolts. I
>  want to use them with 1.5"-2" pipe to make sidemounts for my Rohn 25G
>  tower. The sidemounts that Rohn sells seem quite expensive, though I'm
>  sure they're of good quality, and the crossover brackets & ubolts Rohn
>  sells are also quite expensive.
>  I remember seeing a weird-shaped, single u-bolt at the Dayton Hamvention
>  that functioned as a crossover. Does anyone know of a supplier for such
>  an animal, or something similar that is relatively inexpensive? I know a
>  person can buy some 1/4" steel stock and drill some holes to fit
>  standard ubolts, but I don't have access to a welder to cut the stock,
>  or durable enough bits to drill the holes. If anyone can come up with
>  another idea, or point me in the direction of a relatively inexpensive
>  source for something like this, I'd appreciate it.
    I'd get some 1/4" aluminum plate and use them for your pipe-to-pipe 
interface - they'll be just like any old boom-to-mast plate with U-bolts 
horizontally and vertically. 

    A simpler method is to use some angle steel or aluminum across the face 
(attached to the leg by Rohn leg U-bolts) and sticking out a couple of feet. 
Then you can attach a pipe to the flat part of the angle stock with another 
U-bolt and you don't need the interface plate. You can do LOTS of things with 
some angle, pipe, and 

Steve    K7LXC
Professional tower services for commercial and amateur 

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