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Subject: [Towertalk] Create Rotors
From: (Eugene Jensen)
Date: Wed, 19 Jun 2002 22:47:09 -0400
To my fellow TowerTalkians:  This coming Wednesday, June 26 I am headed
off to Germany for the European version of Dayton!  So any of you
fellows wanting any information about European equipment, drop me a note
and I will see if I can look them up at the Fair.  Also, I will try to
find out who in Europe is repairing the Create Rotors.  73's Gene K2QWD

2002-04-24 - HAM RADIO broadcasts around the world 
The HAM RADIO in Friedrichshafen is considered number one under Europe's
amateur radio fairs  
Friedrichshafen ? Approximately 20,000 visitors from around the world
are expected to visit the HAM RADIO 2002 in Friedrichshafen, considered
as the number one amateur radio fair in Europe. From the 28th to the
30th of June, 2002, about 250 exhibitors ? including many leading
manufacturers ? representing nearly 40 countries will be exhibiting all
that has to do with amateur radio broadcasting. For the "HAM family"
this year it will mean taking leave of the old exhibition grounds on
Meisterhofener street. The HAM RADIO is the last trade show to take
place on the old site. At the end of July Messe Friedrichshafen will
move to the new exhibition grounds adjacent to the airport.  

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He is not alone - I have two working and one bad one that could use a
to the "Create Doctor"

Perhaps we have a Towertalkian in JA or other place in Asia where these
still common!

Somebody gotta be doin it!


Jim, K4OJ

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