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[Towertalk] OT: Vertical wire TOP FEED?

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Subject: [Towertalk] OT: Vertical wire TOP FEED?
Date: Thu, 20 Jun 2002 22:23:01 -0000
The antenna should work very well in the direction away from your building.
>From what you are describing I would guess the Wire will come from your
window ledge running at an angle to the ground away from your building.
Remember the far end of the wire will be hot with RF when transmitting, so
keep it away from anyone touching it. Isolate the tuner from ground and
attach one 1/4 wave wire for each band you intend to operate from onto the
coax shield side or ground lug on the tuner. Also remember the ends of these
wires will be hot with RF when transmitting. Keep them out of reach from
anyone's touch. Don't roll this wire up but try to run it around your
apartment along the edge of the room walls. I would cut the wire for the low
end of each band using the formula 234/f MHz= Wire length in feet. You might
be able to get away with one wire cut for the lowest band. Try this and see
if you get RF in the shack. If you do then cut another wire for that band.
I am shore this has been done before but not by me.
Good Luck
Rich AA2MF
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Subject: [Towertalk] OT: Vertical wire TOP FEED?

> Here is one for the experts. I am thinking about running a vertical
> wire, max of 120ft from my apartment to the ground. I would need to feed
> it at the TOP of the wire and I want to cover as much of the HF bands as
> possible. I may add a SGC smart tuner to the top of the wire and may
> need radials run back into the apartment. Will this work? What lengths,
> radials etc do I need? Has this ever been done and if so what were the
> results?
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