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[Towertalk] 40M Dipole Height.

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Subject: [Towertalk] 40M Dipole Height.
From: (Bill Hider (N3RR))
Date: Fri, 21 Jun 2002 14:48:05 -0400

Do you really mean 1/4 wave dipole (each leg being approx 5 meters long)?
Or do you mean 1/2 wave dipole (each leg being approx 10 meters long)?
Are you specifying the length of each leg, or both?  How high off the ground
is each leg of the antenna?

Seems you mean 1/2 wave.  If so:

Keep the dipole at the 55 ft point and remember that the direction of
maximum radiation will be in a direction pointing away from the tower and
between the sloping wires.

The higher the feedpoint, the better, since most of the radiation (80% or
so) takes place in 50% of the length of the antenna, measured from the
feedpoint in both directions.

If you really mean 1/4 wave dipole, tell us with what coax you are feeding
it and what SWR you have.

Bill, N3RR

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Subject: [Towertalk] 40M Dipole Height.

> Hello everyone, a quickie for you. I have a 60ft tower with a 1/4 wave 40m
> coax fed dipole attached at the 55ft point. Due to land restrictions, the
> two ends slope down sharply and the two ends are appx 40ft apart at their
> lowest point. Would my radiated signal improve if i  lowered the feedpont,
> therefore increasing the angle of the slope or is it better to keep the
> feedpoint as high as possible. I just cannot work out or see in my mind
> which would be the best option. Hope it all makes sense, and thanks for
> youre time 73s
> Robert Webb
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