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[Towertalk] HyGain Log Periodic Antenna Mod.# LP-1007

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Subject: [Towertalk] HyGain Log Periodic Antenna Mod.# LP-1007
From: (Howe Gary-CSSP05)
Date: Fri, 21 Jun 2002 15:43:23 -0500
Dear Sir(s):

I have come into a log periodic antenna that I believe is from an old MARS
station. I'm not sure of the model since I have no paperwork on this antenna
at all, but I believe to be a LP-1007. I know it was a HyGain LP and after
talking to HyGain & Telex they also feel it is a LP-1007. HyGain & Telex
have no info on an antenna this old. I'm looking for a manual so that I can
put this thing together properly with the right lengths and elements. Can
you or anyone else tell me where to find a manual on this antenna? Thank you
in advance for your time!

Gary L. Howe
System Sales Specialist, USFGMD
(505) 875-1999 x126

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