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[Towertalk] 160m radials - soldering

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Subject: [Towertalk] 160m radials - soldering
From: (N2TK)
Date: Sat, 22 Jun 2002 19:50:44 -0400
I plan on using about a 2" wide strip of copper around my concrete pier. The
pier is about 3' on a side with about 3" above ground. I will attach the
copper strip to the sides of the pier. I have a 75 lb. roll of #22 enameled
copper wire. Will solder the end to the copper strip and run out each radial
on the ground. I will also solder three 2" copper strips to the strip around
the pier and attach to each tower leg. Figure I would tin the end of the
strip so I won't have a dissimilar metal problem. I will use a stainless
steel clamp to attach to the Rohn 45 legs. Since the tower tilts over I can
easily remove the straps when tilting over the tower.

- Does this all sound fine or am I missing anything?
- Where can I buy copper strip? Is there a recommended thickness and width?
Or is something like solid #8 wire sufficient rather than using copper
- Should I tin all of the copper?
- Does it make much of a difference if I used silver solder over regular
solder? Or is regular solder sufficient?

Time to take down the 4 elevated radials on the shunt fed tower and install
ground mounted radials. Tnx for any feedback.


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