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[Towertalk] Value of TriEx 70' crankup. Never used...

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Subject: [Towertalk] Value of TriEx 70' crankup. Never used...
From: (wb4mnf)
Date: Sun, 23 Jun 2002 10:13:19 -0400
Here is the deal.
I bought an unused HD 70' TriEx crankup with base.
Have PE analysis by a Georgia registered PE, not cheap,
required for City of Atlanta zoning.

I was expecting a big oak to die and was going to take
it down and put the tower up. Even got a permit.

However, the darn tree just gets healthier every year.
I'm not about to take down a healthy 80 year old oak!

The tower was about 15 years old when I bought it.
It's been here abotu 6 years. So, you will want to replace
the spring and cables. Made up cables are about $300
at the local rigging supply.

I've met a guy who is interested in the tower but neither of
us has a clue as to what would be a reasonable exchange.


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