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Subject: [Towertalk] re; Propagation Angles
From: (Peter Forbes)
Date: Tue, 25 Jun 2002 17:05:59 +1000
Guy Olinger K2AV asked where the experimental data is.

The foillowing is a short list of Journal articles that go some way towards
answering your question.  Any decent University Library should be have
access to most of the journals or be able to access them by inter-library

1.  "Effect of Antenna Radiation Angles Upon HF Radio Signals Propagated
      Long Distances"  W F Utlaut
      Journal of Research of the National Bureau of  Standards - D. Radio
Propagation  Vol 65D, No 2, March -
      April 1961, pp 167

2. "Pulse transit times and waveform observations for ionosheric propagation
    between England and Australia  ( authors including Jack VK3SP)"
    Journal of Atmospheric and Terrestial Physics Vol 54, No 4 pp

3.  "On the propagation of short waves over very long distances"  K J
Hortenbach   & F Rogler
    Telecommunications Journal  Vol 46 - VI/1979

4.  "A test of the importance of Ionosphere-Ionosphere Reflections in Long
     Distance and Around the World High Frequency Propagation" R B Fenwick &
O G Villard
     Journal of Geophysical Research Vol 68, No 20  pp 5659

5.  "Further Studies on the Chordal-Hop Theory of Ionospheric Long-Range
     Propagation"  Hans Albrecht
     Archiv Fur Meteorolgie Band II, series A pp 84-92, 1954
     {The first person to work on chordal hop ideas, whilst being an
      for Deutsche Welle in Melbourne Australia 1952-1954)

6.   "Long Distance Ionospheric Propagation without Intermediate Ground
      Report 250 - 6   ITU Conference 1986  (CCIR Study Programme 25D/6)

7.   "Investigations on Great Circle Propagation between East Australia and
Western Europe"  H J Albrecht
      Geophysica Pura e Applicata, Vol 38, 1957 pp169

8.   "Propagation Studies on 3.5 and 7 Mcs"  H J Albrecht
       Amateur Radio, Journal of the Wireless Institute of  Australia, Vol
21, No5, 1953 and Vol 24, No 10, 1956

9.   "The Role of Layer Tilts in ionospheric Radio Propagation"  S Stein
      Journal of Geophysical Research, Vol 63, No 1 , 1958  pp 217

10.  "An Experimental Investigation of Signal Strength in the area Around a
Transmitter's Antipode"  RM Pipp
        & J B Webster
       Radio Science Journal of Research NBS/USNC-URSI,  Vol 68D, No 3,
March 1964, pp 333

11.  "The Influence of Chordal Paths on signals Propagating to the Near
Antipode of an HF Radio Transmitter"
        Gary E J Bold
        IEEE Transactions on Antenna and Propagation, Nov 1972, pp 741

12.  "A Long Distance Pulse Propagation Experiment on 20.1 megacycle"  R
       Journal of Geophysical Research, (1958),  pp 445

13.  "The Angular Spread of Radio Waves in Long Distance Ionospheric
Propagation"  H A Whale
       Radio Science, Vol 1 (New series) No 7, July 1966  pp 743

14.  "Low-angle Radiation"  L A Moxon   Wireless World, April 1970, pp155

In each of these articles, there are further references.

By far the most commonly quoted reference (mentioned in ARRL and RSGB
publications) is the Utlaut article which measured angles of arrival between
Boulder CO and Munich, Germany.

In keeping with what Tom N4KG has recently written about summer propagation,
Utlaut's section 4.1 on Diurnal and Seasonal trends makes for interesting

Its also well worth reading the series of articles by Bob Brown NM7M in the
DX Magazine on aspects of propagation, which gives an amateur's perspective
on things.


Peter Forbes   VK3QI

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