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[Towertalk] Guy wire resonance. Break it up or use stubs?

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Subject: [Towertalk] Guy wire resonance. Break it up or use stubs?
From: (Jerry Kincade)
Date: Tue, 25 Jun 2002 07:02:08 -0500
In my case, using all P-stran (except for the EHS lower end tails) meant I
did NOT have to make up a bunch of big fat egg insulator connections using
EHS. Count the HD strain insulators, the extra grips, the added weight
(which appears significant) and most of all, the time and hassle involved,
and P-stran, although in the end coming out a tad higher in cash outlay, was
the no-brainer choice in my case. In addition, gut feel tells me that a long
length of P-stran, once tensioned, stays tensioned better than the same
length of EHS with half a dozen or more eggs/grips in line. The bonus, of
course, is forgetting about odd resonances, quick and easy installation, and
getting the least possible pattern upset of your antennas at their given

For a new install, I just can't see why anybody would use EHS instead of
Phillystran (or fiberglas rod, which I don't know much about). If you have
steel now, however, I'd be surprised if the cost to change to either would
be worth it, unless you are a real DX fanatic with deep pockets.

73, Jerry W5KP

> Is this one of those, if I spend $5,000 on Phillystran I'll hear the DX
> station 45 seconds sooner than my buddy down the road  who is using
> steel guy wires?
> Curious minds want to know!!
> 73s
> dave
> wa3gin

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