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[Towertalk] Cable Stress Corrosion

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Subject: [Towertalk] Cable Stress Corrosion
From: (Frank C Travanty)
Date: Tue, 25 Jun 2002 14:02:25 -0500
I noticed the same thing on my UST HDX-555. The raising cable is all
soiled up, while the tilt cable is clean - like new. Only thing I can
think of is that I put that cable lube from Steve K7... on the raising
cable about five years ago.

Frank W9JCC

On Mon, 24 Jun 2002 18:26:44 -1000 "Jim Reid" <>
> Hi,
> Have been wondering about lowering my crank up for
> the Summer.  As I have noticed my crank up cable
> rusts more than the cable on the winch for  tilt down
> use.  Must mean that there is more chance of rust when
> a cable is under tension.
> So,  has anyone else noticed this?  Done anything like lower
> the tower until the cable is slack during "off" times on the bands?
> Had the cable here in Hawaii rust out and break after about 7
> years before;  but was under tension the entire time.  New
> cable has been up about three years now;  would like it to
> last longer this time,  hi.
> Do my best to keep squirting wire rope lube on what part of
> the cable I can reach,  but is certainly not the entire length
> by far.  
> I am not in a salt air environment;  am a couple miles inland from
> the ocean and some 500 feet above same.  But the rel. humidity
> is almost always over 60% or so.  Just now on a beautiful clear
> evening,  indicator shows 77% rel. hum.
> 73,  Jim  KH7M
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