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Subject: [Towertalk] older towers
From: (David L. Thompson)
Date: Tue, 25 Jun 2002 23:01:10 -0400
The comment about "Bud" towers caused me to remember looking for a Jontz
Tower that someone had found recently.  I started looking through old ham
magazines and found an excellent article in the September 1963 issue of 73
Magazines. The article lists all (or most) of the towers offered in the ham
market.   The Jontz seems to be very close to the KTV Tower listed.  I also
note that Tristao is listed twice.  Once as Tristao and again as Mosley.
Actually the Mosley line was sold as "Towermaster" which is a name Lou
Tristao later used as his own.

WRL was selling the "Spire" version of the Spalding HBX but the author did
not list Spaulding/Strato Tower as i guess he considered them TV Towers.

Other tower sold in the ham market included The Televue Aluminum series that
my friend W5GRP had
and we even used it on Field day a couple of tmes.  At less than $100 it was
a an easy way to get a 15 meter beam up 40 or 45 feet.  PiRod also sold
towers to hams and they still do but are quite expensive.
The Wind Turbine Company sold a tower line named Trylon but its not the same
tower as the current Trylon according to tower expert W3LPL.   I have old
Magazines and noted that Bud (The Cabinet folks) did indeed sell towers
based on Spaulding and some aluminum design.  Heights was in business in
1963 so maybe they were the source.

Be careful with old towers.  Make sure they are still sound.  If not sure
pass them up!!!!!

73 Dave K4JRB

> Looking for "BUD" aluminum tower.  It looks almost like Rohn BX but is
> aluminum
> and in 6' sections.  This type of tower is pictured in the lower left of
> page 42 of the
> July 2002 issue of QST.
> 73
> K3HX

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