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Date: Wed, 26 Jun 2002 11:25:49 EDT
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> The weak link is not the steel member but the soil's ability to
> withstand the load you are hoping it will resist.

Good point, however, there many soil types and installations that will handle 
a huge load.  I have a very loaded up 110' Rohn 55 Tower (prox 25 sq ft. 
antennas) supported by 3 elevated guy posts which are 8" double wall pipe.  
All are 5' in the ground with two being 8' out and one being 4' out.  The 
difference with mine from what I've heard is that the concrete base, 3' x 3' 
x 4' deep is actually 5' down.  There is one foot of dirt over all so that 
they can be cut off when I move on.  I stuffed about 3' of wire mesh down 
from the top and core filled to that point to keep out water. The 13' pipe 
pieces weighed about 450#, so it was quite a trick getting them in the middle 
of the holes.  Welded on 1/2" steel plate ( 2"- 8") for guy connections  

The plus with round pipe is that it looks a heck of lot better than "I" beam 
when all painted up.  Also there is little to gain by tilting it except that 
it looks terrible!  I had a PE pal do some quick checks in my somewhat 
rocky/clay soil, and he said I was fine.  It has been up for several years 
and hit by several big storms.  Several damaged antennas, but  All 3 pipes 
are PERFECTLY straight.  

The key, of course, is soil type and depth--but no need for overkill.

John, N0IJ
Duluth, MN

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