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[Towertalk] HDX-555 specs

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Subject: [Towertalk] HDX-555 specs
From: (Frank C Travanty)
Date: Wed, 26 Jun 2002 20:28:36 -0500
If you have Excel on your computer I will send you a spreadsheet that is
already set up for the HDX-555. You simply need to input your antenna 
parameters (wind load & height above the tower) and height of the tower
(21' to 55') at about 5 points to generate a wind Velocity vs Tower
Height profile for a constant bending moment at the base. I ran into the
similar dilemma, as I have several antennas stacked up to 16 feet above
the tower (not at the specified 1 foot) The price has gone up. They
wanted $150.00 for that a few years ago. Any reason given for the larger
base & Re bar?? 

Frank W9JCC

On Wed, 26 Jun 2002 16:12:07 -0400 "David" <> writes:
> The PE sheets that were sent for my yet-to-be-delivered US Towers 
> HDX-555
> have increased the hole size to 5'x5'x6.5' and larger rebar (the 
> website
> says 4'x4'x6').  When I asked what the windload rating would be for 
> 105mph
> (here in Florida)  I was told by the very nice lady that the PE said 
> it
> could handle "2 sq ft of antenna."   Wow, it went from 30 sq ft at 
> 70mph to
> 2 sq ft at 105mph.  Of course, what I really needed to know is what 
> it would
> handle cranked all the way down, since I surely won't leave it up in 
> the
> face of an approaching hurricane.  She said the PE wanted $450 to 
> tell me
> that info.   Now I realize that's probably money well spent, but the 
> $900
> shipping and $600 for concrete has already drained the well, so to 
> speak.
> :-)   I can already see the look in my wife's eyes - she's planning 
> how
> she's going to get even with me!
> 73,
> David, K4ZZR
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