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Date: Thu, 27 Jun 2002 22:16:18 EDT
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>   The title says it all...  We had an apparent microburst or severe
>  downdraft or whatever they want to call it. Anyhow, it took out a perfectly
>  healthy 60 foot Oak which took out a set of guys which in turn took down my
>  60 foot tower and assorted antennas.

    First, don't try to dismantle the damaged tower yourself - get a 
professional with the right gear and ability.

    Second, file a claim with your homeowner's insurance company. Just open 
the claim - you can get repair estimates later. 

>    My dilemma is, since my bottom section was a piece of 25g that had been
>  cut off at concrete level by the previous owner and, my tower bent at about
>  the 5 foot level which - of course - is just below the first joint, what 
>  my best options. I suspect that sawing the remnants off at concrete level,
>  plugging the holes, and installing a mounting plate is going to be a lot
>  less painful than trying to jackhammer a yard of lazy aged concrete into
>  manageable sized chunks. 

    Yes, and it's quite easy. Get a flat base/roof plate and drill some holes 
in it for anchor rods. Rent a rotary hammer and concrete bits. Drill some 
appropriate holes for your all-thread anchors. Put some epoxy in the hole and 
insert all-thread. Let dry. Install levelling nuts on all-thread. Put plate 
on. Now you can level and install the tower. 

>  I notice that Rohn offers a Pier Pin mount and also
>  a mounting plate with 4 mounting holes and stubs for the first section to
>  mount to. There is about $50 difference in the price so that is not a real
>  issue. Just wondering if anyone has any pros and cons to offer on the
>  choices.

    Ugh - don't get the pier pin; there's nothing holding up the tower; you 
have to temporary guy it in order to install the tower. Better to drill some 
holes and have a secure base plate. 

Steve    K7LXC
 Professional tower services for commercial and amateur   

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