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[Towertalk] Lost My Tower Tuesday

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Subject: [Towertalk] Lost My Tower Tuesday
From: (Jim White)
Date: Thu, 27 Jun 2002 23:36:28 -0400

Ford N0FP has forgotten that just because a place gets hot don't mean it
ain't wet!  The populus here talks about how it ain't the heat but the
humidity that gets to ya - and I fully agree - having visited Las Vegas
where you climb out of the pool and suddenly you are dry in
in FL your suit isd wet beofre you get in the water!

"Florida or Texas might be a good gamble.  Anywhere else and you are on your

Here in FL humidity rages - can turn standard galvanizing to rust in a weeks
time, I have seen it....but his point about where does the condensation goes
is a valid one - may we assume you added some weep holes prior to epoxying
the legs in?


....who only uses stainless hardware whenever possible - it is not an option
in Floirda - it is reality!

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