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[Towertalk] HyGain 155BA for 12 metres?

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Subject: [Towertalk] HyGain 155BA for 12 metres?
From: (Jari Jussila)
Date: Fri, 28 Jun 2002 17:06:42 +0300

        HyGain sells LJ-155CA, which can be modified/converted also for 12 
I understand that there is no additional kit to be used but you just use 
different settings for 12 meters, mentioned in the manual. (Well, I don't 
have the manual and would be delighted to have one if anybody has is scanned)

        The local HyGain dealer does not have LJ-155CA in the stock but they 
the previous version, HyGain 155BA.

        Now the questions:

                1) Can 155BA be used/modified/converted to 12 meters using 
those settings 
mentioned in LJ-155CA manual?
                2) What are the mechanical differences between the older 155BA 
and LJ-155CA?
                        a) Is it just the change of clamps, as I have been told?
                        b) has there been more changes made to LJ-155CA so it 
can also be used 
on 12 metres?   
                        c) are they mechanically the same but the difference is 
in the settings?

        Jari, OH2BU

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