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Date: Fri, 28 Jun 2002 23:29:49 EDT
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> I also wondered why they called out a truncated pyramid 
>  shape for a foundation in soil. It is very hard to shape 
>  without forming and does very little to increase the 
>  capacity for the extra effort. (my opinion only)
    Okay - here we're going to get into an LXC Pet Peeve. That is, tower 
foundations designed by engineers sitting in air conditioned offices who have 
NEVER installed one of the bases they design. 

    First, getting into any hole to dig out the 'toe' part of the base is 
DANGEROUS and ILLEGAL. OSHA rules say that anytime you're in a hole deeper 
than 4 feet that it has to be shored up. You say you're 6-feet down trying to 
dig some base toes? You're playing Russina roulette, buddy. Some soils are 
notoriously unstable. 

    Did the design engineer ever take THAT into account? NooooooOOO!

    Another company with stupid tower base designs? US Tower. You ever try to 
dig a 3x3-foot hole 6-feet deep? Most of their brochure base designs are 
pretty danged impractical. 

    An engineer can design any kind of base that meets his/her criteria. Is 
it so tough to design one that's "practical" for those of us out in the field 
trying to meet the design spec? 

    I tell my PE what kind of base situation I want and that's what I get in 
the design. 

Steve      K7LXC
Professional tower services for commercial and amateur 

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