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[Towertalk] NY State antenna legislation

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Subject: [Towertalk] NY State antenna legislation
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Date: Sun, 30 Jun 2002 16:41:20 EDT
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> Put me on the list for unhappy with 95 feet - I am not an average ham, I am
> the one who specializes in making radio contacts and as such seeks to 
> obtain
> optimum antennas to do it with...95 does not cut it.
> I am not a communicator I am an operator, something that seems to be
> slipping away as we become more and more a bunch of clones. I am a
> competitive soul, I want to be the first one through the pileup and the one
> with the highest rates in the contest BECAUSE I DESIGNED DEBUGGED AND
> EXECUTED the best antenna system.

OJ, with your skill as a contest operator, one does not need the highest or 
most elaborate antenna. You could compete on a CB whip. Contest rules provide 
categories for MM, SO, HP, LP, QRP etc. If there was a category for "all 
antennas below 95 ft" I bet there would be more entries, and more 
competition. Let the superstations compete. But also let the average station 
compete. It would also test ones skill in designing a competitive antenna 
system within the 95 ft limit. It can be done.  By the way, IMHO the skill of 
the OPERATOR and the height of his antenna are not in any way related.

I think we have strayed a bit from the theme of the reflector!!
Bruce  AA4Z 

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