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Date: Wed, 31 Jul 2002 17:52:40 -0600
For a short tower, the simple and safe solution is to use 
3/16 inch diameter EHS guys with insulators at 3 and 14 ft
from the tower.  The first insulator needs to be very close to
the tower since there is continuity from the first insulator
through the tower to the other close insulators.  The 11 ft
piece is virtually invisible to all frequencies below 28 MHz.

Non-conductive guys have greater benefit in LONG guy
assemblies (i.e. TALL towers with side mounted antennas).

I still recommend that you go to 40 ft with the guys attached
between 30 and 35 ft.

Tom  N4KG

On Wed, 31 Jul 2002  "Mike Morrell" <> writes:
> Ok guys start your engines....this reflector has convinced me to " 
> guy " my 30' Rohn 25G tower project vs, free-standing.  
> The next question: other than higher first costs,  does using Kevlar 
> guys have advantages over EHS or PhillY?
> 73 from Mike K8KE
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