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Subject: [Towertalk] Re: [Towertalk]Grounds as good as it gets
From: (Glenn Little)
Date: Wed, 31 Jul 2002 23:42:06 -0400
A type N connector is pretty much waterproof. Place a type N connector in 
the coax at the base of the tower. Use a barrel connector to connect the 
coax from the tower to the shack. You can apply a grounding kit to the 
barrel connector then use the rubber tape to seal it all up.  About as good 
a ground as you can get an you will not flood the coax with water when it 


At 01:27 PM 8/1/02 +1000, Lee Noonan wrote:
>Don't forget Bruce, that We also have Lightning in Australia....I know that
>WE do TRY Our Hardest to keep it in North America..... But Sometimes it just
>doesn't work... and ZAP!!!!
>I have just replaced antennas and coaxial cables and Rotator.... and I have
>earthed the cables at the top of the tower with "n" connectors... and I'm
>trying to work out a way to earth the braid before it leaves the tower......
>and comes into the shack (house)... which the Lightning did late last
>year.... and it IS difficult to earth the braid and make it waterproof at
>the same time....    Just earthing out the braid is OK..... but
>waterproofing also.......
>But I have enjoyed reading ALL that Knowledge..... and picking out the One
>that suits Me... Hi  Hi....
>Good One Guys
>Lee Noonan VK2LEE
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>Subject: [Towertalk] Re: [Towertalk]Grounds as good as it gets
> > Well it looks as if there are about as many ideas about grounds as there
> > about towers.  The QST articles are good as well as personal observations,
> > and practical applications that other people have used.  Ground the outer
> > shield, Put in Parallel paths to reduce resistance, and still disconnect
> > antennas.
> >
> > Lets Talk about antennas now.  If an antenna such as the Bencher Skyhawk
> > sitting on top of a tower, and is hooked up with its balum as described,
> > we ground the shield at the antenna, does this screw up the Balum?  or is
> > current distribution still the same?  Same thing if we ground the Shield
> > Coax at the tower Base, (hard to seal), and what about the jumper straps
> > that we must use if we have crank up towers?  What no jumper straps?  Food
> > for thought.
> >
> > We can make a good Lightning ground, Station  Ground, and RF ground with
> > careful planning without breaking the bank.  Many of us are not contesters
> > that need 24/7 protection while we are operating.
> >
> > But this discussion thread was wonderful, if not too long for the value it
> > added to the Hams in the midwest and south, were lightning is a common and
> > almost everyday experience.
> >
> > N9BX Bruce
> >
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