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Subject: [Towertalk] Re: US Tower MA 550
From: (Mike Lazaroff K3AIR)
Date: Mon, 1 Jul 2002 04:42:00 -0700
 Hi Steve,

 I had one...I will NEVER purchase another US Tower product.  Their
service" is sorely lacking.  They would not provide ANY info on how to cable
it or recable it, even though they will of course gladly sell you the tower
or replacement parts for it.  Their excuse was "liability" questions.
That's BS.  It's far more dangerous for someone to attempt to recable it and
have no clue than it is for someone to do it by following manufacturer's
directions.  They told me if I wasn't comfortable trying to figure it out
than I should hire a professional tower installer.  That's not an option for

 If they're afraid to provide installation instructions for their own
they have no business being in the business.

 My 2c worth....

 73, Mike K3AIR

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 Subject: [Towertalk] US Tower MA 550

 I am interested in hearing from anyone who can provide me with information
about the US Tower MA550 crank-up mast. I am considering purchasing one
and would appreciate any tips or concerns.



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