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[Towertalk] 95' limit fair?

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Subject: [Towertalk] 95' limit fair?
From: (Jim White)
Date: Mon, 1 Jul 2002 10:46:41 -0400
...and just who decides which neighborhood is residential and which is not -
our current contest site is in what I consider a residential neighborhood in
the country....underground utilities and street lamps, etc....

You are straying from my point which is that hams would be best suited if
they were treated as - "hands off" - there is already way too much
legislation do not write any more other than something which says that
Amateur Radio operators may erect antennas without being hindered...this can
be done by simply addressing them as NOT FOR PROFIT endeavors...the cell
sites are what has people panicking in my opinion.

What does power have to do with this?  Because my license limits me to 1500
W you think I would have more fun with 5KW?  No, I assume my fellow
competitors to do as I do and stay within the bounds of their FCC
license...we are Amateurs - not CBers.

Of course you do the best with what you got - that is what it is all about -
but I do not like somebody else limiting my "what you got" - if I can afford
it I should be allowed to pursue it - excellence should be unfettered.

This is spiraling out of hand for a reflector about the mechanics of towers
and antennas - sorry Steve, perhaps is better suited to the law reflector -
I am pulling my switch on this topic, either you get it or you don't.


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Subject: [Towertalk] 95' limit fair?

> Surely you don't expect to build a major contest station in a residential
> subdivision?
> This is as unreasonable as a 35' limit. 95' is higher than the vast
> of amateur installations.
> Most competetive contest stations are in rural areas.
>  Re your "competitiveness"... do you limit yourself to 1500Watts? I'm sure
> you do... but 5KW would be better ;-). The fun is in doing as well as
> possible withing the limits we have to work. If you want to "win", you
> need a few acres in the boonies.... or better yet, in the Carribean...
> >Put me on the list for unhappy with 95 feet - I am not an average ham, I
> >the one who specializes in making radio contacts and as such seeks to
> obtain
> >optimum antennas to do it with...95 does not cut it.
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