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Subject: [Towertalk] Log Periodics
From: (Bill Eisinger)
Date: Mon, 1 Jul 2002 13:06:08 -0600
I went through a fairly extensive review of the various options available
and settled on the M2 7&10-30 mHz "skip log".  The M2 is by the far the most
ruggedly built of the bunch and, with the longer boom length than most of
the competitors in the same class, it should out perform them as well. M2's
service is also second to none.

Logs of course will not achieve the same gain and f/b as a well designed
tri-bander of similar size but, they are very consistent across the bands
which is not always the case with other antennas. Having the 40m option on
mine has been a pleasant surprise. It is really a linear loaded dipole on
40m but the other elements, to some extent, act as reflectors and give it
some gain and a bit of f/b...not as much as a real beam but certainly
noticeable as you rotate it. 30m is also a lot of fun as there seems to be
few hams that have antennas with any gain or directivity on that band so
working DX on 30m is generally a "slam-dunk".

My goal was to get the most bang for the buck on a single boom mostly to
accommodate my own real estate and neighborhood situation.  There are lots
of other options that will give you another db or two of gain but, as a
compromise, I don't think you can beat a log, particularly if you can get it
up to at least 60-70'

Bill, AA7X

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Subject: [Towertalk] Log Periodics

I am considering a log periodic, and would welcome any
recommendations/criticisms of what is on the market now and available.
Thanks & 73,

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