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[Towertalk] Log Periodics

To: <>
Subject: [Towertalk] Log Periodics
From: (Jim Henderson)
Date: Tue, 02 Jul 2002 19:18:32 +0100
Mel Martin wrote:

> I notice in Jim's post that he had 4 antennas within 20 ft


    First, they were not mine, they were K7UP's.

    Second, they were on 2 towers, 100 feet apart. As I recall, the 40 KLM
and 10m 5el were about 18 ft apart on one tower, with the 10m above the 40
at approx 98' and 80';  and the 15 and 20m were on the second tower at about
80' and 65' respectively.

    I would have to ask him, as even though I helped him work on these
antennas, it has been a long time.

    But modeling not withstanding, he always placed high in the SS and CQWW,
etc so his system played well.

    Mine did too, although I was after other goals. As I stated, my LP
opened and closed the bands a good %75 of the time compared to the LJs. Hard
to argue against results, no matter what the model says. There are more
programs now, and many more (and improved) choices for interlaced MB yagis.
At the time and for what I wanted to do, it was the best choice for me.

Jim, KF7E


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