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Subject: [Towertalk] Coax Conduit
From: (Bob Thacker)
Date: Fri, 5 Jul 2002 16:44:38 -0400
 Hi all,

Regarding the "T" fitting make sure the drainage is done properly. I did
exactly what everyone said by placing gravel into the hole below the
fitting. However, one spring thaw had me scrambling with water running,
rather gushing, inside the house (pipe came inside). My 175' run is all
downhill with the sump being the lowest part of the entire run. What
happened was the sump got clogged with the excess water running to the
lowest part...i.e. inside the house.

Here are my recommendations.

1. End the run outside the house and use a Polyphaser style entrance.

2. If you insist on a sump (hole with gravel, some call it a dry well), make
it at least as large as a 7 gallon bucket or even larger. If I had to do it
again it would be huge.

3. Line the sides with a breathable weed block material (NOT solid plastic),
such as those used for mulch beds. Reasoning: if your soil is other that
rocks, the dirt will leech into the gravel and the sump will be useless.

3. The preferred method (IMHO) is to run another line at the "T" to lower
ground such as done for downspout drainage. This is what I actually did
after the mishap.

Just things for thought.


Bob, K3GT

> Some great ideas and advice, I especially like the suggestion to put a "T"
> fitting inline for drainage, I'll do that for sure.
> Thanks again and 73,
> David, K4ZZR
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