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[Towertalk] double bazooka

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Subject: [Towertalk] double bazooka
From: (Steve G.)
Date: Sat, 06 Jul 2002 01:08:16 -0700
Yep...  it's hard to beat these simplistic center-fed antennas that Tom has 
described.  Just match or "tune" these low loss antenna systems (system = 
antenna and balanced feed line) with a capable tuner, and work the 
world.  A combination of low and high ones like the 100'  or 135' models 
would serve stateside and DX interests.  Just take into consideration their 
patterns when changing bands.  BTW, many articles have been written on 
these balanced line, center fed antennas.  They show the patterns, takeoff 
angles, and the varying amounts of gain they have for each band, 
considering different heights above ground.  I'm sure someone can point out 
the specific articles - I remember one in QST a few years back.  Who needs 
a G5RV with it's coaxial losses if you can bring "ladder" or open wire line 
into your shack?  With a complete balanced line run from the tuner to the 
antenna, these are SUPERIOR and ELEGANT.  I've enjoyed them at different 
locations over the years... though I sure wish they were at 100+ feet like 

73, Steve, KZ9G

At 01:20 AM 7/6/2002 -0600, you wrote:
>A *simple* solution to the 100 ft space limited antenna problem
>is to just install a 100 ft center fed dipole using Ladder Line feeders
>and an Antenna Tuner such as a Johnson Matchbox.
>I have 4 Ladderline fed antennas (2 - 80M dipoles, 1 - 100 ft CF,
>1 - 20M dipole) which I use extensively on 80M the WARC bands.
>I have worked over 320 countries on each of those 4 bands.
>(OK, the 80M dipoles are at 130 ft and the 100 ft CF is at 100 ft)
>Tom  N4KG
>On Sat, 06 Jul 2002 "S. Markowski Jr." <> writes:
> >
> >
> > Van K7VS wrote:
> >
> > > with a g5rv,  keep your antenna tuner handy as you WILL need it
> > for all
> > > bands.  Certainly a compromise antenna but useful in some
> > instances.
> >
> > You "CAN" work alot of DX with a G5RV and 100 watts. You will learn
> > one new character trait.....
> > 73,
> > Zig KM9M
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