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[Towertalk] EZ-WAY RBX 50 Free Standing Tower

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Subject: [Towertalk] EZ-WAY RBX 50 Free Standing Tower
From: (Bruce Osterberg)
Date: Sat, 06 Jul 2002 06:05:43 -0500
Good MOrning:

Even though the EZ-WAY s50 foot tower is no longer made, (in fact I don't 
think any of the Models are),  The design looks very similar to Hygain and 
also US tower for construction.  The RBX design has the tilt-over pole 
permanently attached to the concrete as well as two legs that hook into the 

My question is this.  No were in the manual does it talk about square foot 
rating for this tower, Any Ideas?  I live in a 78 MPH wind zone and would 
like to put a Bencher Shyhawk 2 feet above the top of this tower.  I will 
use the Base recommended by EZ-WAY for this tower so another 7.5 yards of 
concrete will be used.  Thanks for any help.  I know a lot of you guys and 
Gals have 40-60 foot towers of this type and I have seen some on web sites 
that have a 4 element 20 and a 4 element 15 stacked above them, but still 
not sure of the wind load.

73 N9BX Bruce

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