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Subject: [Towertalk] Re. HF2V
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Date: Sat, 6 Jul 2002 18:35:02 EDT
My experience is with one on an elevated (chimney strap) type of insulated 
mount. It well outperformed a GAP Titan at the same height on 80 & 40 meters.

I used 4 elevated radials on 80 and 6 on Forty Meters. This setup provided 
75-80 countries worked and confirmed before I reached a plateau. On 40 
meters, the only comparison antenna I had was the Titan ... and as stated, 
there was no comparison. IMHO, the Titan sucked on the low bands.

After reaching the plateau on 75/80, I installed two slopers off a 55' tower 
and have now increased 80 meter DX totals to more than 125 countries.

I have two of the HF2V's here now and will use 'em in a phased array at the 
next QTH.

73 & GL

Les, NN6K

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