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Date: Sat, 6 Jul 2002 17:39:18 -0600
Interesting results.

NN6K 80M DXCC  =  80 countries  with HF2V

KZ4V 80M DXCC = 280 countries
with inverted vee at 90 ft (NE/SW)
and vertically polarized Delta Loop at 90 ft (NW / SE)

N4KG 80M DXCC = 322 countries
with multiple dipoles and inverted vees from 70 ft to 130 ft
plus Full Size or Top Loaded single Verticals

I wish more of my competitors used HF2V's on 80M :-)

(Yes, adding the Top Loading wires to an HF2V would
improve it's performance on 80M.  Be careful not to
exceed the length that can still be matched on 40M).

Tom  N4KG

On Sat, 6 Jul 2002  EDT writes:
> My experience is with one on an elevated (chimney strap) type of 
> insulated  mount. It well outperformed a GAP Titan at the same height 
> on 80 &  40 meters.
> I used 4 elevated radials on 80 and 6 on Forty Meters. This setup 
> provided  75-80 countries worked and confirmed before I reached a
> On  40  meters, the only comparison antenna I had was the Titan ... and
> stated,  there was no comparison. IMHO, the Titan sucked on the low
> After reaching the plateau on 75/80, I installed two slopers off a 
> 55' tower and have now increased 80 meter DX totals to more than 125 
> countries.
> I have two of the HF2V's here now and will use 'em in a phased array 
> at the  next QTH.
> 73 & GL
> Les, NN6K
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