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Subject: [Towertalk] Re. HF2V
From: (Tom Rauch)
Date: Sat, 6 Jul 2002 21:40:32 -0400
While it makes good marketing hype, the number of countries worked 
has little to do with transmitting antenna performance, unless 
something is seriously wrong.

One reason so many people have dismal results with base-loaded 
antennas is they swallow the "BS" about only needing a few radials.

Factually, there is almost no difference between base and top loading 
if the ground system is good. Top loading does provide about four 
times the radiation resistance of base loading, but top loading 
generally has (for a given radiator size) less bandwidth. 

If the ground system is poor, top loading can reduce loss by up to a 
factor of three or four. If the ground system is good, efficiency 
changes are often not measurable.    

Most of the DXCC totals do with hours operated, location, and 
operating skill. I'd say transmitting antenna performance is way down 
the ladder, unless someone really has a poor antenna installation.

With a poor TX antenna, you normally just have to wait a bit longer 
to get through. (Of course some systems, like the Gaps and other no-
radial or small radial verticals are real dogs and give less-than 
mobile performance, but the HVF2 with a GOOD ground system does not 
fall in that class.)  There really won't be very many countries you 
won't be able to work. A better transmitting system makes things go 
faster when you call, operating time and ability to hear is what 
builds country totals.

> NN6K 80M DXCC  =  80 countries  with HF2V
> KZ4V 80M DXCC = 280 countries
> with inverted vee at 90 ft (NE/SW)
> and vertically polarized Delta Loop at 90 ft (NW / SE)
> N4KG 80M DXCC = 322 countries
> with multiple dipoles and inverted vees from 70 ft to 130 ft
> plus Full Size or Top Loaded single Verticals
> I wish more of my competitors used HF2V's on 80M :-)

73, Tom W8JI 

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