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Subject: [Towertalk] HF2V
From: (Phil - KB9CRY)
Date: Sat, 06 Jul 2002 22:26:43 -0500
Joe, my HF2V helped me work 5BDXCC from my small city lot (35 x 125) 
within 5 years.  It was mounted back next to the garage in the Victory 
garden.  It was "guyed" with 40 lb. test fishing line so that it 
wouldn't "whip" into the power lines in the alley!  I had about 30 
radials of various lengths, the longest being about 100 ft.  My biggest 
problem on 80M was receiving.  I used a coil loaded dipole to get some 
horizontally polarized reception.  Also Mr. Heathkit (SB-220) helped a 
lot.  I learned how to be a good operator.  Then three years ago moved 
to 5 acres in unincorporated Will County.  Had room to put up some 
beverages and EWEs along with the lone HF2V.  (And about 30 60Ft.+ 
radials)  Now I could rock and roll.  I could hear and they could hear 
me.  Last fall the HF2V, along with three more became a 4 square on 80 
(also works on 40M) with a Comtek box and three 12 ft. top loading wires 
and I really get out.  Also, the 4 square (90% of the time) hears as 
well as the 850 ft. beverages.  See the piks at the "DX Showcase" 
section of  Oh, each, as of now, has 30, 66 ft. radials. 
 I think it works and should for you too.  Just invest in some kind of 
receiving antenna (beverages if you have the room, 500 ft. min. or a 
pennant or flag or K9AY loop type if you have a small lot).  Cu in the 
pileups, 73  Phil  KB9CRY

k7mks wrote:

>Good morning:  I'd be interested in performance comments on the Butternut
>HF2V ground mounted, w/ or w/o the top loading kit.  Thanks in advance.  Joe
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