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[Towertalk] Hit water digging hole - advice?

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Subject: [Towertalk] Hit water digging hole - advice?
From: (David)
Date: Sun, 7 Jul 2002 09:03:18 -0400
We dug the 5'x5'x6'  hole for the tower Saturday and have the concrete truck
coming Monday morning.  QTH is south Florida, soil is a dark loamy
consistency with plenty of sand content.  The sides seem to be holding up
and the moment .  We didn't notice that we had hit the water table until we
were almost 6' down because it was just a trickle.  I checked the hole this
morning and I've got a full foot of water in the bottom now.   I'm worried
the sides might start caving in between now and tomorrow.   I figured I
would pump out the water when the concrete truck gets here, but now I wonder
if I should try to keep pumping it out between now and Monday or just wait.
One thought is that if I pump out the water now, the spot water the water is
coming in might eat away at the sandy soil even more as it refills the hole,
the other thought is that I should pump it out now so it doesn't soften the
four sides and cause them to fall in.   Obviously, any QUICK thoughts or
suggestions would be most welcome.

David, K4ZZR

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