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[Towertalk] Hit water digging hole - advice?

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Subject: [Towertalk] Hit water digging hole - advice?
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Date: Sun, 7 Jul 2002 11:46:04 -0400
If it stays at a foot of water, I wouldn't worry about pumping it out, =
if is more than that, we suggest pumping it. also we suggest renting a =
concrete vibrator from the local rent it store, this will get all of =
pockets of air and water that may form during the pour. The vibrator =
will make sure the concrete is filled in everywhere along the edges, and =
in cage. fill it up 2' and  punch it in everywhere, then continue =
vibrating it during the rest of the pour. IT will be the Best $20.00 =
spent in the concrete phase of your  project.=20

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  From: David=20
  Sent: Sunday, July 07, 2002 9:03 AM
  Subject: [Towertalk] Hit water digging hole - advice?

  We dug the 5'x5'x6'  hole for the tower Saturday and have the concrete =
  coming Monday morning.  QTH is south Florida, soil is a dark loamy
  consistency with plenty of sand content.  The sides seem to be holding =
  and the moment .  We didn't notice that we had hit the water table =
until we
  were almost 6' down because it was just a trickle.  I checked the hole =
  morning and I've got a full foot of water in the bottom now.   I'm =
  the sides might start caving in between now and tomorrow.   I figured =
  would pump out the water when the concrete truck gets here, but now I =
  if I should try to keep pumping it out between now and Monday or just =
  One thought is that if I pump out the water now, the spot water the =
water is
  coming in might eat away at the sandy soil even more as it refills the =
  the other thought is that I should pump it out now so it doesn't =
soften the
  four sides and cause them to fall in.   Obviously, any QUICK thoughts =
  suggestions would be most welcome.

  David, K4ZZR

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