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Date: Mon, 8 Jul 2002 06:22:56 -0600
The SCARIEST thing I have ever done on a tower
was to install a 20+ ft 100 lb. mast in my 130 ft tower.

If your tower is NOT already in place, it is MUCH better
to place the mast inside the bottom 2 or 3 sections and
then proceed to finish the tower.  ONE way to do that is
to temporarily strap 4 sections of tower next to the 
permanent tower and use that to raise and insert the mast.

If the tower is already in place, the SAFEST solution is
to hire a crane.  A LONGER than normal (say 12 - 14 ft)
GIN Pole could also be used IF you really know what
you are doing and have a GOOD crew and equipment.

I would give serious consideration to the CRANE solution.
You could then use the crane to also raise the antennas,
either pre-installed on the mast or one at a time.

Tom  N4KG

On Sun, 7 Jul 2002 21:51:01 -0700 (PDT) steve sala <>
> I have a 23.5 foot steel mast that weighs 98 lbs.  It
> is 0.2" wall and 2" OD.  I want to put in my 85 foot
> Rohn 25 tower and put a Force 12 5BA (10.8 sq ft, 72
> lb) at the 86 foot level, a M2 6 meter beam (6M7JHV,
> 2.5 sq ft, 17 lb)at 94 feet and a M2 2 meter beam 
> (2M9SSB,1.25 sq ft, 1.2 sq ft) at 103 feet.  Does the
> mast present a problem with its weight?  The tower is
> guyed at three levels for 90 mph per the Rohm book.
> Steve K7AWB 
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