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Subject: [Towertalk] Force 12 Warc 7
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Date: Mon, 8 Jul 2002 10:54:12 -0400
Put up a WARC7 last fall at 104'. It replaced a Cushcraft A3WS with the 30m
add on kit. It resonated at the following using the factory dimensions:

The nearest antenna to it is a MAG240N at 90'.

I did the following:
12m - increased the driver tips to 25.25" - added 1.25" to each side
17m - shortened the driver tips to 26" - took off 2" each side
30m - moved each clip on the linear load wire by 5" to shorten each linear
load by 10". Did this on both the driver and reflector.

It now resonates at
24.970 - 1.1:1
18.070 - 1.2:1
10.240 - 1.1:1

Next time I tilt over the tower I will add 3/16" to each side of the 12m
driver and add 1.75" per clamp on the 30m elements. SWR is fine across the
entire bands, so there isn't much incentive to tilt over the tower.

Performance - I seem to be in and out of pileups as quick as I used to be on
12 and 17m. On 30m, I now have to think a little bit more about which way
the signal is coming as I had no F/B before. 30m seems to be a lot like
working stuff on 40m - pointing the antenna SW in the morning for Asia.
There seems to be a definite improvement on 30m. Except for a few Q's on
17m, I do everything barefoot on the WARC bands with 150w. If I can here
them, I can work them. Overall, I am happy with the support and  performance
of the antenna.


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Anyone out there have any experience with the F-12 Warc 7 antenna? Your
critique would be appreciated.

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