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Subject: [Towertalk] Inv L
From: Mark <> (Mark)
Date: Tue, 09 Jul 2002 17:48:33 -0700
Errrr... ahhhh .. hmmmm .. do not agree .. here, downtown Eureka, far north
CA ... have inverted L on 75M --- due to the limited lot space (not normal
for me, but will have to live with rest of my life) --- NOIZE is rampant ..
works OK, but often no bettter than my
CrunchCraft vertical.   .. .. .. The ground side of the Perveted L is
connected to the entire city's water system .. perhaps where the NOIZE come
from? .. HI .. all seriousness aside, have a major noise problem here, so
won't normally be winning the contests... regardless of transmitting power,
ya gotta hear them to work them .. unless you do be do list bunny!  BUT ..
have used 160M ILs for many years... worky worky!  As to 75M .. will have
new standard old droopy dipole up this week .. fed with RG-214,  NO cheesy
Balun .. if I have problems along that line, will use the ferrite beads I
have .. but, worked thousands of Qs without that in the past, so going to
hook up Mr. Heath SB-220 and see what flies.................may have to
"bend the ends", have HV lines too close to go over 35-40'.
\Cheers, y'all .. Mark   6dx
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Subject: [Towertalk] Inv L

> Inverted L does very well on 80 and 40 (will eat any all band vertical on
> these bands, other things equal).
> On 40 and 80 it is not too difficult to get full size or top hat verticals
> operational hence inv L not as popular.
> IMHO lots of operators would do better on DX on 80 with an inverted L than
> with other popular antennas eg low dipoles.
> 73
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