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[Towertalk] RE: Antenna Reflector?

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Subject: [Towertalk] RE: Antenna Reflector?
From: (Hsu, Aaron)
Date: Wed, 10 Jul 2002 13:56:43 -0700
I think in this particular instance the "Antenna Reflector" is the
"Antennas" list on QTH.NET.  Goto for a complete list of
the dozens of "lists" that are served by QTH.NET.  The "Antennas" list is
quiet popular and many on TowerTalk are also on the "" list.


  - Aaron Hsu, NN6O (ex-KD6DAE)
    No-QRO Int'l #1,000,006
    . -..- - .-. .-   ".... . .- ...- -.--"

p.s.  An e-mail "reflector" is an old internet term that's more commonly
known now as an e-mail "list".  A "newsgroup" is just the common term for
the old "Usenet".  Main difference?  "Lists" are sent primarily by e-mail
only.  "Newsgroups" are accessed primarily by newsgroup software using TCP
port 119 (although it's possible to have the newsgroup software also send
copies via e-mail).

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On Tue, 9 Jul 2002 21:51:36 -0300, Mike & Coreen Smith wrote:

> Someone mentioned here in passing the other day he had posted something
> and also to the 'Antenna Reflector'.
> Can anyone give me any details on this please?
> How to subscribe, etc.

Some people call newsgroups reflectors.  They probably meant the newsgroup.  Subscribe like any other ng.


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