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[Towertalk] Models and real world --oops

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Subject: [Towertalk] Models and real world --oops
From: (Jim White)
Date: Thu, 11 Jul 2002 09:53:24 -0400
8JI said

"I am concerned an over-reliance on computer models that we assume are
"absolute" has collectively given us the impression that we can
predict the real world, and we are as a group losing touch with
understanding how to make valid comparisons between systems. "

a ham has a signature line on his e-mail with the following quote that says
it all

"experience trumps theory. Dave Leeson, W6NL)


I see modeling software as being handy in determining a beter version of the
antenna can be had if - and then seeing just how improvement you
witness...kinda like the 4 versus 5 element yagi - where you probably will
not significantly enhance your gain no matter how hard you try and what you
do see is a shallower dip or range of frequencies that have low SWR on the 5
element....for guys like me that only operate one end of the band - I could
findno reason to redsegin my 4 element antennas to 5's...
I bet I spent a week or two with K6STI yagi optimizer "learning" that one.

The software is a tool - and like all tools it is not a solve all but it
sure helps in the overall project...when used along with practical theory
you get a better end result...kinda like sucking the info out of this
reflector - you learbn to use something like noalox and rivets along with
the modeling software and suddenly that stock antenna is a better antenna
thanks to these tools/tips you acquire.

Guess the seeking the software to be the do all end all is another fallout
of our immediate gratification and its not my fault society...."the software
said that the antenna would what if it is a 40 meter beam on a 5
foot boom...the software says it works!"


Jim , K4OJ

go team USA WRTC Helsinki

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