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Date: Thu, 11 Jul 2002 13:21:33 EDT
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> Does anyone KNOW the specs on a rohn 2545 ginpole?  How much safety 
> margin is there in the tube material?  An ME with handbook available
> could avoid needless speculation.  

I doubt you will get a straight answer from Rohn. They are too worried about 

I have used Rohn 25 as a gin pole for these heavy applications. If you are 
playing with the big dogs and using a 165 pound mast, you had best be more 
safety conscious and enlist the help of others experienced with large 
installations. I have used professional riggers and learned from them. I have 
also learned to place my mast in the first tower section before stacking the 

Another trick is to use a snatch block at the bottom of the tower for the 
pull line from the gin pole. Enlist three or four volunteers and have them 
walk with the line away from the tower instead of hand-over-hand pulling. 
Less work and the crew gets progressively further from the tower and out of 
harms way. 

Tom, K5RC

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