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[Towertalk] here's one worth echoing

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Subject: [Towertalk] here's one worth echoing
From: Mark <> (Mark)
Date: Thu, 11 Jul 2002 18:55:11 -0700
Why, Cointently .. how 'ouse wud ya dood it? .. narf narf narf .. Well, I
know the answer to that .. have been to antenna parties where the "crew" was
out 40-50' from the tower, TRYING TO PULL IT DOWN! .. Whoa, dudes!  Have
sold off some of my tower erecting stuff, but wish I had not got rid of my
MASSIVE snatch block . have others, though .. just use a chain to accomplish
same... too stove in to be erecting towers, but can sure help on the
administrative end!  73 ... Mark  6dx
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Subject: [Towertalk] here's one worth echoing

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> Another trick is to use a snatch block at the bottom of the tower for the
> pull line from the gin pole. Enlist three or four volunteers and have them
> walk with the line away from the tower instead of hand-over-hand pulling.
> Less work and the crew gets progressively further from the tower and out
> harms way.
> Tom, K5RC
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> A snatch block, for the non-sailors among us, clips to the tower, and
> can open or close around a line under strain.   It's a perfect way
> to translate the ginpole pull from vertical to horizontal, at the
> tower base.
> Among other things, it keeps the ginpole load vertical, and minimizes
> bending loads on the ginpole tube.   It also gets personnel out of
> the way of falling tools, and improves footing when pulling.
> Good point, Tom.
> Not only do I use 'em here...I carry one and a spare sheet in
> my sailing bag.  A short sheet and a snatch block solve a myriad
> of problems.
> Jim N2EA

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