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[Towertalk] Force 12 WARC 7 Experience

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Subject: [Towertalk] Force 12 WARC 7 Experience
From: (Steve Lawrence)
Date: Thu, 11 Jul 2002 22:27:55 -0700
My experience with the Force 12 WARC 7:

I've had a WARC 7 up since last October. It is at 55 feet, 10 feet below a
TH7DX. Booms are parallel. The WARC 7 went together and up easily, no
thanks to the poorly written assembly manual. 12m and 17m were right on the
money. The 30m resonant point was high. One adjustment to each side of the
linear loading sections of the 30m driven element to lengthen it was all
that was required.

On 17m and 30m, F/B is as expected from a 2 el yagi. On 12m, the F/B is
excellent - again as to be expected from a 3 el yagi in this case.

As others have experienced, I can work anything I can hear.

This antenna replaced a Cushcraft A3WS whose traps don't like legal limit
power. After losing three sets of traps to high power, I went looking for a

I haven't noticed missing the third element on 17m compared to the A3WS.

I highly recommend the WARC 7.

Oddly enough, I almost passed on it. I have a turning radius limitation
(power line overlap safety issue). The WARC 7 literature says the turning
radius is 21+ feet. This made no sense. After studying the assembly
diagram, I finally was able to talk to Tom Schiller on the phone. He
confirmed that the TR is more like 15.5 feet. I placed an order with him on
the spot.

73, Steve WB6RSE

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