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[Towertalk] Replacement Thrust Bearing

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Subject: [Towertalk] Replacement Thrust Bearing
From: (Al Williams)
Date: Fri, 12 Jul 2002 22:22:10 -0700
>>.. but, beware .. ya gotta get a   T H R U S T  bearing

I am getting at the phase in my tower assembly  to install the mast and
wonder if a thrust bearing is really necessary.  My installation consists
of an Orion 2800 rotator which specifies a vertical load capacity of 1800
pounds which exceeds the actual vertical load about 8 fold.  The tower
has an 8-inch tight fitting collar at the top that the mast slides into.  It
requires two people to jiggle and push the mast down through the

Although this collar is a tight fit, the bottom of the mast (when not
bolted to the rotator plate) does move horizontally when the top of the
mast is moved, I have a difficulty in believing that a thrust bearing
above the collar would be of much benefit for the horizontal load.

However, I have no experience with this size of rotator/mast/antenna
and will appreciate those who have had experience.

73 k7puc

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