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[Towertalk] Guy Wire Tensioning-WAS Lost My Tower

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Subject: [Towertalk] Guy Wire Tensioning-WAS Lost My Tower
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Date: Sat, 13 Jul 2002 16:25:37 -0400
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> The question of the moment is, what is a good way to grip 3/16 guy wire with
> a come-along to get the initial tension on it? I plan on using preforms on
> the guys if that has any bearing on methods. 

    The easiest thing is to use one PreForm as a temporary and then 
just throw it away when you're done. Just hook the comealong to it -
you don't have to wrap it the whole way. 

>  Have been looking at
> McMAster-Carr ( ) and find both smooth and knurled
> jaw grips. Not sure I like the thought of the knurling biting into my brand
> new guy wire but maybe it is not a significant bite ?? There is also a
> smooth jaw model which, for some reason, costs about $15 more ($48 vs $33
> catalog price). Search for " Sure-Clamp Wire and Cable Grips " to see what
> I'm referring to. Maybe there is something as good or better for less $$ ?
> Homebrew methods? Your thoughts appreciated.

    The aforementioned Klein cable grip is a good method (they're available
at I have 3 and 3 comealongs so have one on each guy -
then it's pretty easy to pull the tower into plumb. 
> Also, I picked up one of those 16 inch laser levels Radio Shack had on sale
> last month ($20) and am thinking that would be a dandy way to
> straighten/align the tower - no worries about the wind moving a plumb bob
> around, etc. Haven't really thought about a mount for the level and a target
> for it but shouldn't be too tough. Am I missing any obvious reasons for not
> making a mount for the level (up the tower) and an identical mount for a 6
> inch or so target that would mount near the bottom of the tower? Would have
> to have some sort of mount that would force the brackets to mount square to
> the sections of tower they are fastened to (i.e., if mounted to the same
> section of tower, the alignment between the laser level and the target would
> be right-on just by bolting them in place). Even if I'm off the target
> initially, the spot would be easy to see on the concrete. 
> More thoughts?

    Sounds like more work than it's worth IMO. You only need to plumb at the 
points. Once the guys are attached, have the climber on the tower use a common 
on the leg to direct the ground crew how much to click the comealong or turn 
turnbuckle to get it plumb. 

    Once you've got the first set of guys on, sight up the tower face. Any tower
lean will be obvious. You can then plumb the tower from the ground or use a 

    A guyed tower can be out three inches in 100 feet and still be within spec 
so you
don't have to get it *exactly* plumb.

Steve      K7LXC
Professional tower services for commercial and amateur

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