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Subject: [Towertalk] Tower Bases
From: (Chris BONDE)
Date: Sat, 13 Jul 2002 13:38:40 -0700
I have been contimplating putting in a mast for wires.  I was going to use 
2 irrigation pipes, have an attatchment at the top for a water hose, slight 
necking at the other end, prepare the soil by cutting back the sod and some 
soil, the water drilling the pipes into the ground.  I figured that a 10ft 
pipe in 6.5 with 3.5 up would hold a 50ft mast.  Having the 2 pipes would 
allow the mast to be tilted.  Other than pulleys for wires, a 10m vertical, 
and maybe a loop for 40m.

So your idea of augurering backs me up a bit, thank you.

Chris opr VE7HCB

At 06:20 PM 2002-07-13 +0100, VE6JY Don Moman wrote:

>I helped put up a 64' Trylon last year that used this method, on my
>suggestion. The chap was having pilings drilled and a cement garage pad
>poured so it made sense to pop 3 extra holes for the tower.  Think the holes
>were roughly 12 feet deep and either 12 or 16 inch diameter, with a rebar
>If cement is hard to come by or to get to the site, I think an even better
>solution is augured in pilings - heavy wall pipe with auger flutes welded to
>them.  The top is usually tied (welded)  together with heavy angle or plate
>material to which the tower is attached.  If the auger truck has a welder
>and a multipurpose boom (auger or lift)  you can get them to stand up the
>tower as well. Start to finish, one contractor and no waiting for cement to
>dry. No dirt to get rid of and no standing water issues either.
>In most areas, I'm sure it is considerably more economical to use either
>method (especially the latter) than the big blob of cement.  The augured
>pilings can be recovered and reused if you need to.
>There's no reason to just apply this to self support bases.  Guyed towers
>can benefit just as much.
>73 Don
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>Subject: [Towertalk] Tower Bases
> > A new cell tower was put up down the road a few weeks
> > ago, and I went over to check it out. It is a tripod
> > freestanding and at least 150'.The tripod at the base
> > is about 12 feed on a side. The base is augured holes
> > filled with concrete, of unknown depth. One hole under
> > each leg, I think most of us have seen this kind of
> > base. Question: can this base be used with a smaller
> > self supporting tower, say 5 feet on a side. It sure
> > seems like it would be easy to auger an 18" diameter
> > say 8 foot deep hole under each leg of a Trylon tower,
> > rather then the massive 6' X 6' X 6' chunk of conrete
> > that is indicated. Why isn't this type of base used
> > for smaller towers?
> >
> > Bill WB0O
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