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[Towertalk] Guy Wire Tensioning-WAS Lost My Tower

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Subject: [Towertalk] Guy Wire Tensioning-WAS Lost My Tower
From: (Zac Smith)
Date: Sun, 14 Jul 2002 09:56:52 -0500
We use Chicago style grips from Klien to hang onto the guy wires while
tensioning them
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> In a message dated Fri, 12 Jul 2002 9:38:49 PM Eastern Standard Time, writes:
> > The question of the moment is, what is a good way to grip 3/16 guy wire
> > a come-along to get the initial tension on it? I plan on using preforms
> > the guys if that has any bearing on methods.
>     The easiest thing is to use one PreForm as a temporary and then
> just throw it away when you're done. Just hook the comealong to it -
> you don't have to wrap it the whole way.
> >  Have been looking at
> > McMAster-Carr ( ) and find both smooth and
> > jaw grips. Not sure I like the thought of the knurling biting into my
> > new guy wire but maybe it is not a significant bite ?? There is also a
> > smooth jaw model which, for some reason, costs about $15 more ($48 vs
> > catalog price). Search for " Sure-Clamp Wire and Cable Grips " to see
> > I'm referring to. Maybe there is something as good or better for less $$
> > Homebrew methods? Your thoughts appreciated.
>     The aforementioned Klein cable grip is a good method (they're
> at I have 3 and 3 comealongs so have one on each
guy -
> then it's pretty easy to pull the tower into plumb.
> >
> > Also, I picked up one of those 16 inch laser levels Radio Shack had on
> > last month ($20) and am thinking that would be a dandy way to
> > straighten/align the tower - no worries about the wind moving a plumb
> > around, etc. Haven't really thought about a mount for the level and a
> > for it but shouldn't be too tough. Am I missing any obvious reasons for
> > making a mount for the level (up the tower) and an identical mount for a
> > inch or so target that would mount near the bottom of the tower? Would
> > to have some sort of mount that would force the brackets to mount square
> > the sections of tower they are fastened to (i.e., if mounted to the same
> > section of tower, the alignment between the laser level and the target
> > be right-on just by bolting them in place). Even if I'm off the target
> > initially, the spot would be easy to see on the concrete.
> > More thoughts?
>     Sounds like more work than it's worth IMO. You only need to plumb at
the guy
> points. Once the guys are attached, have the climber on the tower use a
common level
> on the leg to direct the ground crew how much to click the comealong or
turn the
> turnbuckle to get it plumb.
>     Once you've got the first set of guys on, sight up the tower face. Any
> lean will be obvious. You can then plumb the tower from the ground or use
a level.
>     A guyed tower can be out three inches in 100 feet and still be within
spec so you
> don't have to get it *exactly* plumb.
> Cheers,
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