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[Towertalk] crank up maintenance

To: <>
Subject: [Towertalk] crank up maintenance
From: (Bill Steffey)
Date: Mon, 15 Jul 2002 10:47:28 -0500
2 questions

bought some aerosol "slip plate" for the vertical members; where they slide 
against each other. Just to test the stuff ;I sprayed the lower part of the 
three bottom legs on the inside , where the 'shoes' from the next smaller 
section slide. After one lowering it appears that the  'slip-plate'  was 
displaced or wiped off the tower in the same two vertical strips that were 
made from the next smaller section's 'shoes' before. So my question 
becomes, does the lubrication wipe off after each tower raising? And if so 
is it worth the effort to coat/spray the inner and outer section if there 
is no residual effect ?????  I would think there must be something that 
will survive the passing of the section. While the tower plumbs straight, 
one inner section  does tend to lean on one of the legs more than the other 
two. Could this be part of the problem?
I do want to finish the lube while it's going to be 90 outside..


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