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[Towertalk] Source of Control Wire?

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Subject: [Towertalk] Source of Control Wire?
From: VE6JY Don Moman" < (VE6JY Don Moman)
Date: Tue, 16 Jul 2002 03:53:17 +0100
> Does anyone know of a cheap source of control wire like 10- #22?  I have a
> short piece of 'fire alarm loop cable' that says West Penn on it and I am
> trying to find a roll of 500' or 1000'.  Any ideas?
> Mike W9RE

Around here, we can usually talk nicely to the Telco and acquire their
"temporary runs" of telephone cable used during construction etc. It's often
6 pair of #22 and I have gotten undamaged lengths up to 600 ~ 800 feet. It
is usually flooded and has a very tough jacket and makes the ideal buriable
control cable.  I have thousands of feet of it buried around here - saved
enough to build my 80m yagi (well, almost!).

At the same dumpster, one can often find 100 or 200 foot chunks of 50 or 100
pair cable (19 gauge) which make for plenty of radial wire.  The price is
certainly right.

73 Don

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