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Subject: [Towertalk] Looking for Antenna Suggestions
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Date: Tue, 16 Jul 2002 09:00:44 -0600
Your G5RV should work on the WARC Bands.

So does an 80M dipole, fed with *either* ladder line OR coax.

One of my favorite high band antennas is a 20M dipole (34ft)
center fed with ladder line.  It has a figure 8 pattern on ALL bands
from 10 through 30 Meters.

The Cushcraft D3W is a nice 30M coax fed trap aluminum dipole
that can be mounted on a mast above a tribander of side mounted
on a tower leg.

Tom  N4KG

On Tue, 16 Jul 2002 05:49:09 -0700 "Kevin Nathan" <>
> Hi All,
> Earlier this summer, I purchased a Broadbander antenna from W9Inn 
> and
> erected it this past weekend.  I am not blessed with unlimited space 
> for
> antennas so this one went up in place of my trusty G5RV.  This 
> antenna works
> on 40, 80 and 160 meters.  My son and I put in a modest radio system 
> of 8
> radials under it.  On air tests showed it was resonant about where 
> it should
> have been according to the frequencies I gave to Bill, W9INN.
> On air tests were disappointing indeed.  The only band on which it 
> lived up
> to my expectations was 160.  On 80 comments ranged from "get a new 
> antenna"
> to a gentle "you're not as loud as usual".  Tests on 40 were 
> somewhat
> similar.  I should note these were at all distances.  Now, Many may 
> believe
> I am criticizing the antenna.  This is not the case.  I believe the 
> fault
> lies in my installation situation in which I had the antenna running
> vertically for 45 feet at a maximum distance at the base of 6 feet 
> from my
> 50 foot 25G and coming as close as 3 and a half feet at the top.  I 
> believe
> the tower was absorbing my signal on 80 and 40.
> Now, for the suggestions I seek.  I am going to send this antenna 
> back, use
> my G5RV for rag chewing on 80 and 40 and shunt feed my tower for 160 
> and 80
> meter DXing.  The G5RV seems to work pretty well for DX on 40.  I 
> have a
> tribander for 20, 15 and 10 so am in need of a good antenna for the 
> bands.  This needs to be either a wire antenna or a vertical.  Does 
> anyone
> on the list have any suggestions as to what I might use?  Are there 
> any
> verticals out there made just for the WARC bands?  I've been looking 
> on the
> internet and seen a couple of references but no one says what the 
> antennas
> are.
> I would certainly appreciate any assistance here or suggestions.  
> Thanks
> much to all and 73.
> Kevin, K7RX :)
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