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[Towertalk] 20M Yagi ?

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Subject: [Towertalk] 20M Yagi ?
From: (Bill Tippett)
Date: Tue, 16 Jul 2002 20:11:48 +0100
        I forgot to mention another thing about TA which some may
be wondering about.  It provides the statistical data on takeoff
angles by frequency for different paths between major population 
areas.  N6BV tells  me the "new" Antenna Book CD (NOT the same as 
the CD included with the Antenna Book!) has a much more comprehensive 
database of propagation statistics worldwide.  I haven't seen it
yet, but if I were serious about designing an antenna system for a
contest expedition, I would certainly want a copy.  Propagation 
TOA data is all derived from the VOACAP propagation program.  
Here's the description of the complete CD:

The ARRL Antenna Book CD
-- For Windows and Macintosh. Now the popular Antenna Book is 
available on aneasy to use, fully-searchable CD-ROM! At your 
command is the entire book-everyword and every page--PLUS pages 
of band-by-band propagation tables for locations around the world! 
Uses the widely popular Adobe® Acrobat® Reader to view, navigate, 
search and print from all chapters. That's in depth coverage of
antennas, feed lines, and propagation. Design, build and install 
any imaginable type of antenna! Includes all software (Windows and 
DOS) included with the printed edition.

        Ohmigosh!  Another "model" someone will surely take pot 
shots at!  ;-)  But it's far better than my "gut feel" IMHO. 

                                           73,  Bill  W4ZV

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