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[Towertalk] Can I use SPG for beverage?

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Subject: [Towertalk] Can I use SPG for beverage?
From: Tõnno Vähk" < (Tõnno Vähk)
Date: Thu, 18 Jul 2002 15:50:24 +0300
I want to build up my first beverages this weekend.

1. Is it sensible to use my SPG good grounding system as a ground at
beverage feedpoint? I have large metal plates buried in the ground next to
the wall of my shack for good SPG for all equipment and cables.

2. I also wanted to ask if I can ground several beverages to that ground but
as I understand it is not a good idea to use a common ground for several
beverages. I could of course switch the beverages at the high impedance end
of the transformer and use SPG for ground then?

I still assume that SPG is not recommended and I should use separate grounds
for all beverages at both ends. I have some beverage transformers by K0FF.

3. Do I get any benefit from using separate isolated grounds for antenna and
for feedpoint ends of the transformer?? Some people have suggested it but
not sure if it is worth trouble.

4. What do you think of an idea to create a phased beverages system with 3
270 feet long bevegares separated by 135 feet or so. I could switch them
with something like Stackmatch thus using the outer 2 for 80 as a phased
pair and any inner 2 or even all 3 as phased on 40m???

Thanks for all advices and thoughts...


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